What's the Point of a Business Coach?

By: zoe Friday May 14, 2021 comments Tags: Mentorship


When you're Running a Business, Mistakes are Expensive.

Got your attention? I mean really expensive. Doing the wrong thing converts to lost time, lost money, lost reputation with clients or whole communities of people. That's thinking small.

Well-invested time with a coach can help you avoid missteps in your business which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hiring the wrong employee for salary scale, working with the wrong vendor, marketing your business to the wrong audience, building your company entirely in the wrong direction are just the common risks in this industry. A good business coach helps you to avoid all that.


Thin-White-Vertical-Bar As I often say, I am a Nuts and Bolts Coach.

I see it as my job to present concrete, actionable things you can do to help your business grow and solve problems. That's what I'm about. Motivation and Mindset are good ingredients to take you somewhere, but they aren't the best practices, operating procedures, smart resource allocations or fulfillment strategies that will lead your company to success. You can be motivated to run a business, that's why you showed up. I'm here to teach you what I know about how that works.

In my company, we will also teach you management strategies. We'll instruct you to build a team you can manage remotely or in-person effectively without micromanagement.

If your aim is to build a successful business there will come a time when hiring is essential. Learning to be an effective manager is not only essential to employee retention but to building staff who will produce good work.

I'm less exclusive than college, and I'm more down to earth than a yogi, you dig?

Your Coach Exists to help you make your Business More Streamlined and Under Control.

The feedback between implementing practices and then assessing results is the core of our relationship. It's so much more than buying my time for an hour. I'm working out the best strategies behind the scenes to implement for your company. I'm looking at which practices are the right kind to integrate with your business, and considering when. I'm looking at the problems you bring to me as a business owner and considering how to solve them while you focus on the actual practice of running your company.


Coaching is a Partnership

Call me naive, but I don't believe that anybody becomes a Business Coach without a legitimate, vested interest in seeing their clients succeed. If you hired a business partner and then went on to work obsessively while they didn't do their part, would you keep them around? It's like that for us, we want to apply ourselves and go to work for you, and we'll ask you to make a similar commitment to us.

In my opinion, you have to be organized to run a business and if you can't be organized enough to make your appointments or set reminders, I'm not going to feel bad that you missed them. I'm not going to call to remind you. There is a cadence and rhythm to learning that gets thrown off by missed appointments, and without that follow-through you aren't going to see results. You have to be accountable.

Who are you going to hold accountable when your coaching doesn't go well. The coach perhaps? If you don't show up for your appointments, that wouldn't be fair.

Coaching really is a partnership, we are as careful to choose you as you are in choosing us.

Do the Homework

If you really want to get serious about working with a business coach, do your homework. Come to your Appointments. Show up for us so we can show up for you.

So What's the Value of a Business Coach?

It's pretty simple, and it's also one of the easiest first lessons to learn as a business owner: Your time is Valuable. Don't waste it.


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