Investing In The Young Workforce

By: Dave Monday March 1, 2021 comments

Helping is in our company’s DNA, it’s what our foundation was built on. I started AllProWebTools in 2009 because I wanted to give small business owners a better shot at success.

Over the years, that vision has grown to become so much more. Our enduring identity of helping other entrepreneurs slowly evolved into a passion for prompting growth of character, personality, and skill in our very own staffI’m writing this article after witnessing twelve successful cases, because it’s been a beautiful journey to watch these individuals grow and move forward with their lives. Not only have they been integral to helping AllProWebTools bloom, but we’ve managed to return the favor by giving them the skills, opportunities, and experiences they needed to grow their careers.


The Dilemma of Adequate Work Experience

In my experience, college graduates and millennials are - in general - eager and willing to work. Yet, they come into the workforce, only to be told that they don’t have enough experience to even begin. How does that make sense? How is it fair? Isn’t it our responsibility as business owners to invest in the future generations; the future of this country’s economy and productivity?

What I have heard from many of these young workers is thatvan increasing number of companies are starting to dispose of “Entry Level” positions to cut costs, replacing them with Junior roles that require a couple of years’ worth of experience. We’re making it harder and harder for the coming generations to find jobs, and it’s weighing on them.

Oftentimes, they’re under so much pressure to find a job that the search becomes more stressful than any job they end up finding. This added pressure also chips away at their willingness to work diligently, and soon gives way to unwarranted frustration.


The Larimer County Workforce Center

Over a three year period, we worked very closely with the Larimer County Workforce Center. The Workforce Center serves to help the ‘at risk’ or down-on-their-luck find a place to work. Not only does the government pay them (via the ReHire Colorado Program, established in 2014) to work a certain number of hours, but these individuals are ready, and willing to prove themselves. Whether they’ve been dealing with the law, or come from disadvantaged backgrounds, they’re willing to work for a second chance or opportunity.

We highlighted one such success story about Cherie Strauser.


How Investing in the Young and disadvantaged is a Good Business Decision

When I saw a chance to help these folks out, I took it.

If no one’s giving them a chance, they’re going to be very grateful when you do. They will work harder to impress you, do their best to be a great resource, and - if they’re younger - give you a good dose of some classic millennial tech-savviness, which usually results in a quicker learning curve.

I’ve always said that it’s easier to teach someone soft skills and train them, but teaching someone to have the right attitude can be much more difficult. Once you learn to recognize passion, heart, and spirit in your applicants, you will find gold! You might just be surprised at how effective this strategy can be.


AllProIntern Alumni

As they move onward or join the fold, we’ve recorded the transitions of some of our employees. Take the time to read their stories, and see for yourself how we’ve fostered symbiotic, bountiful relationships with the ones that have come through our doors over the years:



Lyza Rivera

Kayla Trefren

Mitchell Stein




Noah Baldwin

Ben Harvey

Elliott Gregg

Kaitlyn Draper



Monica Roderiguez

Kristen Nice





Kat Webster

Brad Goldsmith





Michelle Kaplan

Cherie Strauser

Daniel O'Brien




Andrea Lotz

Angelique Godinez

Janet Yoder

Michelle Trujillo



Colin Giglio







About the Author: Dave

About the Author: Dave Kramer

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