Hiring in 2021 has Changed

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So you're ready to Hire Someone

That's great! No really, we mean it. Employees are the backbone of your business and bringing your first on is a huge milestone. Ideally at this point, you will have created written processes for your company so you will be ready with exactly what you want to delegate to your new staff. So now all that's left is to make a job listing, look at some resumes and pick the right candidate, right?

Well, maybe not.

Modern Employees have New Priorities

Even different from what they had only just a year ago. If you want to hire staff that will be coachable and available, and you should, you will have to take into consideration that modern employees are more concerned about company mission, work environment and work life balance than ever before. For americans, many employees have the viable option of simply going home instead of into a position which doesn't suit them.

Passing up job offers to wait for something better, in short, is the new normal.

Employee Reviews on the Rise

I'm not talking about employers reviewing their staff. Through the increase in relevance of online resources for employment sourcing like Linkedin, Glassdoor, and Indeed, employees are able to leave standing and permanent reviews of their employers. As a product of this, vetting has become a more intense and transparent two way street, with indications that the process could be getting more challenging for both sides.

Business owners are transparently motivated to vet employees carefully because they want to find the right person, while prospects have become more than happy to audit corporate cultures in advance.

And the tools available for doing so have become more available and intangible.


Interview, be Interviewed

My companies have employed well over two hundred people. In over eleven years of operating small businesses, it's been a new and unfamiliar experience having prospective hires ask directly if they can interview my staff before accepting a job. I have found this to be a necessary part of the process as I have found it statistically less likely for interviewees to accept an offer if I decline, even when it's on the table. It's not even a question that surprises me anymore.

In the current culture of employment sourcing if something is wrong with your company culture, if you even agree or not, it's going to be out there and people are going to know about it. It won't even be difficult to find.

Recently in a clubhouse group I moderate we discussed how Transparency is becoming the New Normal. For Small Business, it's a whole new ballgame.












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